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The update is not free of charge!
You will get it free of charge if:
- 3 months hasn't passed since first activation of your software (PROMOTIONAL offer),
- you have purchased the SUBSCRIPTION.

Contact your distributor in order to get more information regarding that subject.

The Service Pack is always free of charge!
It removes errors and add new, minor functions to software.

You will be informed automatically about new updates and service packs available as long as your PC is connected to the internet.

Update to TACHOMATT Yellow 3.0   [38.35 MB]
download now

  • The program has been adjusted to Windows 10 requirements.
  • The user interface has been rebuilt.
  • Service Unicode has been added. This will facilitate the work of companies employing drivers from different countries.
  • Software performance has been greatly improved.
  • The view filter has been added in MEMO window.
  • The option to perfom an additional copy of files from driver cards and vehicles has been added in a designated folder.
  • New printouts mechanism has been introduced (i.e. improved the export of files to PDF format).
  • The function deleting imported files and charts according to set filters has been introduced in DATA catalogue.
  • A new version of TD Configurator program has been added to support TachoDrive series devices.
  • The following changes has been introduced in the driver working time analysis:
    • the analysis algorithm has been adjusted to Guidance note 7 of the Regulation No 561/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council;
    • the option of "Assume that the regular weekly rest period has been made at the start of the analysis" has been added in program settings. If this option is enabled and analyzing activities starts from rest, the software will treat this activitity as a regular weekly rest period;
    • added the driver working mode setting required by the Regulation of the Russian Federation Ministry of Transport from 20.08.2004 in russian version..

TACHOMATT Yellow Light 2.9 SP11   [33.98 MB]
download now

This free version of the TACHOMATT Yellow software allows to configure TachoDrive devices, archiving the digital data and its simple analysis. This installer also enables to update the older version TACHOMATT Yellow Light.

WARNING 1: The TACHOMATT Yellow Light is replacing the TachoDrive Express application which will not be developed anymore.

WARNING 2: Customer support for the TACHOMATT Yellow Light software is not available. You can purchase/upgrade your software to any commercial version which also includes a 12-month customer support.

SP5 for TACHOMATT Yellow 2.11   [18.94 MB]
download now

  • The weekly and daily rest checking algorithm has been improved in the analysis module.
  • Adjusted the software to changes in DDD files naming in TachoDrive4.

SP4 for TACHOMATT Yellow 2.10   [15.88 MB]
download now

  • The way of presentation of the driver activities in vehicles, which weren’t added to the vehicle catalogue, has been changed. Such activities are presented as the unknown time.
  • Software for driver cards service, which for some blocks of data don’t  generate a digital signature has been adjusted.
  • New printout 1.13 Places was added.
  • Export of the Places table from driver catalogue to spreadsheet is enabled.
  • 1.3 Report of the driver activities from the  selected period was corrected.  As a result of an error, on the printout generated for local time, on the activities list, the position with the beginning or end of the day could miss.
  • In the analysis corrected the detection of lack of compensation of shortened weekly rest.
  • In the analysis of the work time according with the Regulation EC 2002/15, detection of the 45min rest after 9-hour work has been corrected.

SP17 for TACHOMATT Yellow 2.9   [16.56 MB]
download now

  • The 3.1 Report of daily activities from digital tachograph has been unlocked in TACHOMATT Yellow Express version.

  • SP1 for TACHOMATT Yellow 2.8   [ 9.90 MB]
    download now

    • Corrected an error regarding the behavior of the New cards window while loading the data from driver card for the first time.
    • Modified the way of generating memos. Starting from version 2.8 SP1, the time till next download is being calculated from the actual download date instead of the last activity.
    • Corrected an error appearing while generating group reports when there was only one driver in the drivers catalogue.

    SP5 for TACHOMATT Yellow 2.7   [12.83 MB]
    download now

    • Added the information about digital signatures window in the Data catalogue. 
    • Removing the "after getDay[] =" message appearing in the vehicles catalogue. 
    • Modified the way of generating memos. The time till next download is being calculated from the actual download date instead of the last activity. 
    • Corrected an error regarding the behavior of the New cards window while loading the data from driver card for the first time, 
    • updated portguese language translation.

    SP5 for TACHOMATT Yellow 2.6   [ 7.29 MB]
    download now

    • Corrected the TachoDrive2 firmware updates mechanism.
    • Corrected the way of counting the covered distance from analogue charts on the printouts.
    • Corrected the working time of the crew driving analysis module.

    SP4 for TACHOMATT Yellow 2.5   [ 6.73 MB]
    download now

    • Corrected the TachoDrive2 firmware updates mechanism.

    TACHOMATT Yellow SE Fix   [ 0.67 MB]
    download now

    The fix solves the problem of TACHOMATT Yellow SE deactivation after some period of time.

    TACHOMATT Recovery Tool   [ 0.85 MB]
    download now

    The TACHOMATT Recovery Tool application is designed to restore the database content from the backup file after the system failure.

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